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Malcolm Chambers
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14.2.23 10:11 am
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I remain convinced there is an unlimited amount of beauty in the Universe. I think that’s what we’re here to uncover, in a sense.

Take infinity, for instance.

There is not only infinity in direction.

Not only in distance.

Not only in scale, micro or macroscopic.

Not only in time.

Not only in matter.

Not only in connection and thought.

There is also infinity in perspective.

That’s you. That’s your purpose.

You are the clash of all those infinities in a point so precise, we fail to identify it and instead rely on giving it a name; the Soul.

See, it should be funnier to us, being alive. Statistically, it’s so improbable it twists the fabric of Reality. To my eyes, the coordinates we inhabit in the Cosmos are merely that: parameters; a setting. So much so that everything that goes against the likeliness of our birth here becomes just as much unlikely.

Everything, down to the atom, had to go precisely as it did for us to grow into ourselves.

And yet, here you are, spectator to an intergalactic opera, bored out of your mind. You are a lost soul, persuaded your worth can be estimated, compared, weighted and disposed of.

Don’t you get it? Do you not understand just how fortunate you are to occupy this mind of yours? You are a jewel of electricity, carved by all infinities and the thought that together, they become not something, but someone. You are the only human being with this exact set of tastes, preferences, peculiarities, sense of humour, body, style, group of friends and culture. It’s your improbability which renders you so interesting.

In the same way, these characteristics are precisely what composes your perspective, unlocking a set of interests that, once multiplied by one another, become unique to you. Your mind then turns into a universe of its own, endless inwards.

How selfish of you it would be to starve us of the beauty only visible to your Eye.

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