The Journey.


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Malcolm Chambers
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5.9.22 6:45 pm
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Another week has begun without a real sense of urgency. I get my work done but afterwards, no rush. It's crazy how differently you'll feel about the same stuff when you let some time pass. To me, it feels like when you know where you are headed, it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there. It might be what they call the flow state. Might also be those infamous years where you pile up months of work to no avail only to wake up one day and be 33 all of the sudden.

Perspective, I guess.

My future has only me in sight. I'm already so grateful for what I've become. There's just no point in stopping now. No amount of bliss can be sustained. Light travels. So will I. That's all any of us can afford to do.

I still have to put in work. That's temporary. I'm fully aware that the minds that change the world have to mold themselves first. For now, that's my only intention. I want to learn, see, digest. I want to seduce, be seduced, taste. I want to convert, be converted, intake the beauty of the mind. You change goals as you change perspective, the same way there's only focal point to a lens. It's just optics, my dude.

That brings me to you.

I swear, I'm bringing you along. Mainly because you're the only one I can take with me. But also because it's the conversations we've had recently that have awoken me to myself. You're changing me into the God we're all supposed to incarnate, in our own way. Closer to Olympus, closer to Khem. We've had our differences but it's mainly because I lacked the confidence to earn your respect. Now that we speak as equals, you'll forever be my main source of advice.

I'm in no hurry. I know we'll get there. We promised it to each other, remember?

I see it in the branches of trees, now. In the strains of my own hair.

The journey is not better than the destination. They are one and the same.

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