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1.9.22 11:00 am
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They say the best way to understand your own thoughts is to externalize them. That's why the best way to study is to write down what you read. That's why talking about your feelings allows you to put new words on your emotions in a matter that seems strangely spontaneous. Most of us understand ourselves through exterior phenomena, through the reflection we cast onto the world. The people with which you can have real conversations are your best mirror. That's why you have to choose them carefully.

I can have a good conversation with just about anyone. That's not something that is special to me. I genuinely believe that for anyone that isn't burdened by crippling social anxiety, the effort of interest can turn any small talk session into a surprisingly fascinating story about shared hobbies, trauma or personal myths. You'd be appalled by the amount of mind-boggling stories that will remain untold for the sole reason that the only people that could tell them have never felt like they were worthy to share. To this day, good conversations, as opposed to mediocre ones, remain a choice. Are you willing to open yourself enough, both by the gift of your attention and by the weaving of your own story to share a moment with someone? I mean, that's why we call it an exchange. It's not about currency; it's about the richness of experience--lessons learned and passions expiated. People that have never learned their worth or are either intimidated or snobbish toward the past of others will forever be stuck, talking about the weather or other people.

To have a good conversation is a choice. You need to be able to open yourself up to good conversations in order to begin having real ones. I stress it because real conversations are in my opinion the natural next step outside the human experience.

I know, I'm always bringing my shit up to metaphysical levels but that's because it's what I'm interested in. I'm a shower thoughts kind of guy; if it's not connected to the reason or the schematics of our being here on Earth, you won't here it from me. Bare with me. I've been thinking about intelligent design and how you find in nature the blueprint for the structure of life. Since even before the the Greeks, Mesopotamian and Kemet cultures initiated their priests to sacred geometry in order to better understand the ratios between growths and splits; trees and their branches, limbs and their ends. Today we learn about the Golden Number (Phi) in school but fail to spend enough time to talk about its importance in our environment, its direct correlation to our existence and the proof it inches us towards that if it's not purposeful, there's at least a mathematically sound evidence for a logical, intelligent cosmos.

We've all seen the nautilus-shaped spiral put over the pattern of leaves, storms, fingerprints and such. We've all thought "it's pretty cool, guess that's the way Mother nature likes to do shit" and thought nothing of it since; a fuck up of royal magnitude. At least, I think. Switch from your math class to your biology class. Remember the scales of life? How we were taught that Nutriments teamed up to create the Cell, how cells grouped themselves up into tissues which composed our organs which cooperated to keep us "the organism" alive and then we flat out stopped. We can't see beyond ourselves so it's safe to assume that there's no higher consciousness than ours.

We're alone in the Universe because we're not ready to see just how abundant consciousness is. We're the only "level" of consciousness with which it is efficient and easy to communicate therefore we limit ourselves to it, completely oblivious to the role we play at the macroscopic level. Beyond the organism or should I say above you, there is the same pattern in which cell form tissues.

Individuals, weaved in harmony, form families or clusters.

When you've found your family, and I say found, you come to realize that what binds you to the people you choose is the veracity of your conversations. Who are the people you allow yourself to be real with? Who will never be offended by you speaking the truth? Who can you tell horrible news to? Who celebrates in sympathy to your accomplishments? Who picks you up when you fall? Whose growth unlocks new perspectives for you? Who are you beyond interested in? Most importantly, who do you feel wholly understands your thought process?

These questions help you identify who you belong with naturally. The EXACT same way adjacent neurons fire billions of electromagnetic impulses at each other with perfect precision and purpose so do you share a common mind with the people that make you feel whole. Think about it : you share a slang. You share inside jokes, taste in art and culture. You share politic views, goals, objectives and values. Your family or your close friend group could be psycho analyzed as person because at a level higher to you, it is precisely that. Your direct cluster has a psychology. You are part of something bigger. You belong here.

Now, if you ever want to talk to angels. If ever you had wondered who reigned over your life, the most direct way to pray would be to speak with the higher consciousness that's the closest and most relying on your existence and that's your cluster. The only harmonious way to enter in direct contact with it is to have real conversations. They are the thread that weave the cluster together. They are the shared thoughts, catalyzed through the form of stories that create a mindspace outside of flesh. In other words, your love for the universe that is intimate to you and the members of your cluster is what it feels like to be a mind inside of a larger one.

I felt it deeply yesterday. I hope I can only continue to carry my weight within my family. I know that it's only as a unit that we can bring things to a higher level of being.

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