Written by
Malcolm Chambers
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29.8.22 9:50 am
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art has no intention;
you spill yourself
like the sun
sheds its light.

When they say there's no rule to art, we detect the underlying hypocrisy. We all can recognize fake art. We do not call every fruit of design art but all art stems from a form of design. Art cannot take its root in mediocre skill. Art is not recognized without a deep sense of alignement. Why? Because art is the product of effort. Art is not to be mistaken with craftsmanship. Art is simply the prolongation, or the continuation of consciousness outside the parameters of the mind, of what we identify with the self.

It's the relationship between the feelings of the creator and the creature. You've been creating yourself since childhood. Now, what we want to know is how does it feel? What's it like being both the character and the drama?

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